Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chapter 3: Boarding day

We drove to Galveston yesterday--uneventful, chilly and gray. The Houston traffic was the most exciting part. We started off from San Antonio late, but still managed to arrive before dinner. Unfortunately, Lawna developed a migraine, took some medicine and crashed on the motel room bed while I walked to a next door Denny's and ordered some salads. Once the medicine kicked in, she felt better and we watched a Jane Fonda movie about a conservative, divorced woman going to visit her hippie mother in modern day Woodstock. Her teenage kids discover love, as does she, and her rift between her and her bohemian mother is healed. Cute, predictable storyline with pretty cinematography. Smartly directed by Aussie Bruce Beresford. Perfect for recovering from a migraine. Then we watched a PBS program about the making of Paul Simon's Graceland album, the political controversy at the time and the recent reunion tour with the original musicians. Great music!

I'm up early as usual, tapping out this blog. It's been raining outside, and I'm just waiting for the lobby to open for breakfast. We'll be assembling at the dock around 1:00. It's really cold in Galveston, but the temperature should warm up considerably once we voyage beyond the Gulf.

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