Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter 2: Coming out from the cold

Tomorrow we leave for Galveston where we will spend one night and then depart for the Caribbean on the Crown Princess. I have been checking my weather apps. Here in South Texas we are having unseasonably cold weather. It may even snow tomorrow, so we may have an icy drive--something we aren't used to in this part of the country. This morning I went to UTSA to close out and finish "termination" procedures. That sounds bad! Sleet fell against my windshield as I drove. The light morning breeze was icy cold.

I know from checking weather reports that the Caribbean will be much more temperate, in the eighties most of the time. Galveston, however, will be colder than we have ever experienced it before. I'm packing an odd assortment of clothes, starting off in a warm winter jacket and probably some gloves, and then transitioning in a single day to shorts and sandals. Of course, there is plenty to do inside the climate controlled ship. After all, it is a small city. I prefer the open decks and the sea breezes. It's quieter outside and feels like a real voyage. Not so Vegas--the aspect of a cruise that has never appealed to me.

Lawna called and is on her way home from work. I'm pretty well packed and ready to take off tomorrow. She'll need to catch up tonight. Early tomorrow, we'll load up my Fit and take off to Galveston, one of our favorite Texas towns. We'll spend one day there, tooling around the Strand in the cold, and then walk up the gangplank, just like in "Titanic" (maybe not the best comparison). Actually, the modern gangplanks are a bit more mechanized and elaborate, as I recall from our last cruise, and entry includes a Homeland Security walk through like at the airport.

I don't mind the cold that much. We will have more of it in Germany. Still, I'm looking forward to some tropical warmth. It will be a lot of fun.

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