Friday, September 27, 2013

Chapter 31: Nancy

Last weekend we drove about two hours to Nancy in the French Lorraine region. We had just recovered from a full week of dismal, rainy weather and suddenly had a sunny day to work with. Nancy was once the capital of Lorraine, and features a beautiful town center designed in the 1750s by architects of Stanislas I. Today Stanislas square is a center for restaurants, grand hotels, grand civic buildings and a large statue of Stanislas himself.

The weather was as good as we could hope for, yet our visit was a little disappointing because, despite visiting on a Saturday, we found that a lot was closed. We had hoped to visit the Art Nouveau museum, the famed school of art for which Nancy was a great center, but it is located a good distance from the rest of tourist town, and we just didn't get to it in time. Nancy also has a great church, la basilique Saint-Epvre that was closed for renovations. We had a pleasant lunch in Stanislav square and strolled around the town. I had just invested in a new digital SLR camera to up my game on the blog, and took lots of photos. I'll let them tell the rest of the story.
Apostles at Saint-Epvre
Interior of  Saint Sebastian

Grand Hotel in Stanislas Square



Church of Saint Sebastian

People in traditional Lorraine clothes

Nice door way

Stanislas gate (we ate at this cafe)

closer look at the gate

Opera House

Lawna at the doors of Saint-Epvre

Stanislas Square

Art Nouveau frame on an older building



Stanislas Square


Cobblestone street

Nancy University

Green shutters

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