Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 7: Clearing it out

On Friday Lawna and I drove up to Dallas (I always forget just how long that drive is!) and dropped off her car to be shipped to Germany.

Today, movers picked up essential household goods, and then on Wednesday they will arrive to pick up the rest. We've been busy sorting through our shamefully large pile of belongings, performing a cleanup that we should have done long ago. It is an intimidating task.

Also, of course, things have begun to go wrong around the house, just when we are trying to save money for the trip. Our bathroom faucet began to leak last night, leaving a puddle under the cabinet. The HD TV appears to be going out--bands of noise block out the picture for several minutes until the image "breaks in." Also, my car air conditioner stopped working while we returned from Dallas. The next day, it appeared to work fine. Just get us out of here!

More sorting tomorrow, and then on Wednesday the movers arrive to take the furniture and other big items. For two weeks after, we'll be living without a lot of our stuff, kind of out of suitcases, sleeping on an inflatable mattress until our departure. I never thought I would be doing this at age 59. We both thought we would never leave this house. It's really exciting, and just not happening quickly enough. Brian is starting to move things around to make the place his. It will be odd to return after three years.

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